Kenapa Harga Begitu MURAH!!!

Note: Dear friends…for your info, this site is under upgrading project and getting more product and will be on SALE very soon (short period, i promise). Thanks for your support =)

Mesti ramai tertanya2 kenapakah set yang saya jual nie murah sangat? Bukan! Bukan SET CIPLAK!!! Jangan salah paham. For everybody punya information, if the company like Wilson or Nickent dah keluarkan new design, harga previous design akan turun. BUT in Malaysia, the price cannot go very low sebab retailer kat Malaysia dah beli dengan harga tertentu. Let say masa diorang beli dengan harga RM 1500, lepas tue they sell dengan harga RM 2000. Tapi bila harga clubs dah turun ke RM 1200, they can`t afford to sell it bellow the minimum price they bought the clubs that is RM 1500. You must remember that they must also need to pay for their rental shop, pekerja and so on that also required more money.

Thats the main reason, but at the same time also, i had friend there (US) and can get the clubs for the US current price (harga semasa). So don`t worry about the authentic.

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  1. is this site from China?

  2. Terima kasih sudi bertanya en Nizam. Hehe ramai customer saya yang tanya soalan yang sama. This set is original from their manufacturer. Bukan Ciplak from china. So far semua customer saya takder komplain. Kalu en Nizam rasa set saya tak ori, jangan risau, en bole pulangkan balik dan saya akan return kan semula duit. No problem. My customer satisfaction is my honour. Thanks

  3. Asm, it’s me – ashroff-kl.

    Found your website via google…interesting one.

    Just started golfing…well actually hitting at driving range only serious from early this year. Still learning from the pro over there. My iron is wilson deep red fat shaft bought from MST clearance and the driver is used adams insight 10.5*.

    I do agree with you on harga murah. Recently I bought used wilson wood #3 from globalgolf, quality 9/10, cheap & fast. But still the UPS delivery alone is >RM100…cannot stand la.

    Now thinking of getting wilson FYbrid 19.5* hybrid club but still expensive i.e. at globalgolf is USD149+USD54, about the same at Jusco/MST RM699. Still cannot find used one…have to wait la.

    Anyway, nice knowing you. Happy golfing

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Thanks a lot for the very nice comment, and welcome to the World of Golf hehe. So Sorry yesterday cannot reply your msg fast. I`m driving. Biasa la Raya kan. Balik kg jadi DRIVER terhormat la. That`s my secondary job in kg hehe. No problem. Em sekarang kat kg lg, line pun sooo slow. Kalu letak siput sebelah, siput lagi laju compare to my broadband line hehe. Today i`m going back to Kuantan. 3G is waiting :).

    Em ok back to our bussines. Yes biasa la saya pun begginer, then i know kita punya citarasa and intention. Kalu boleh nak test semua set yang ada. It`s good actuall. So that we can compare and feel the differences. I tell you one story. Last 4 month i play a tournament that organized by my organization sempena 50 years of the establishment. Then i meet my good old buddy that those find day i used to asked him advice before i bought my first golf set. Biasa la begginer, went to a Used Club Stall than beli iron sebatang2 lain2 brand (now i realize how funny i`m those day, patut la tokey kedai pandang semacam jer hehe). Learn from the mistake kan. Tapi sekarang, when i meet him at the tournament, i try tanya about clubs…he dont`n know much. Even `Hybrid` also he don`t know what kind of club it is and for your info, he played handicap 10. What a supprise!. He still using very old set of clubs, i thinks this set was from the time that Mr Ben Hogan muda2 dulu kot hehe. Bukan nak kutuk dia, but my morale is that the most important factor is not the clubs, but it is within ourself. Trainning, trainning and training hehe. Sorry for so long cerita hehe. Kalau ada apa2 then just mail me k.

    For info jugak, ramai customer saya cari Nickent set, i don`t know why, Di7 tak berapa banyak compare to nickent. Ada yang cari sampai Singapore (sana ada Nickent Super Store). But of coz la harga mahal. Tapi saya pun guna nickent hybrid. Crisp shot. Sedap. Apa2 pun thanks.

  5. Dah agak dah sbb nama pun ade RMC. Got a few friends & bosses kat my office from RMC…MD, CEO, COO, risk Manager (dah move to Felda recently)…

    Plan nak beli hybrid kena postpone dulu lah…tv rosak pulak…so kena channel $ utk replacement dulu.

  6. Hehe no problem. Yer ker hehe. Wah so many ex-boy (RMC) in one company? May i know where do you working?

  7. Sory if lambat balas. Recently very busy with ex. Thanks. Maybe one day we can tee off together. Insyaallah.

  8. PERNEC Corporation, an ICT company kat Ulu Klang. People don’t usually know pernec. Kalau sebut nama pernec, people will refer to Pernas, Percon, Pernas Edar etc etc. Tak leh nak salah kat orang lain sbb pernec memang tak deal direct dgn consumer/public.
    Sure we can plan sometime to tee off together but have to wait till my ball becoming less OB…takut kena orang. He! he!

  9. This is not a comment , Nak tanya psl set, Any Maruman set available? I’m looking for Maruman PW, wood 3,4,5 or other Maruman iron or wood.TQ

  10. No problem. Maruman kalu tak salah saya is Japans product. Saya just deal product mostly from US. Sorry for that. Thanks for asking.

  11. This is Gilagolf, keep up the sales, man! We need to start selling cheaper stuff to golfers and get more people involved in this game! Maybe one day, we can hack together

  12. Thanks for the comment. Yup, i will try my best to educate people that golf is not just for the rich person only. Many people sending me msg that they don`t prefer golf because it so expensive. This was the problem to them and me (before i become part of the golf member). We must advertise to the World…(eh no no only Malaysia hehe) that what they thinks are wrong. Em anyway thanks and maybe one fine day we will tee off together..yeah one day…You are doing great job man. It`s not easy to do like what are you doing now. So impressive. Maybe you can write to some magazine…see you.

  13. Kawan2 visit website ‘GilaGolf’
    i`ve already checked, the golf items was so cheap. Unbelievable!!! Than one more thing, all Malaysia`s Golf Course review also available there. Before you throw your money just for nothing, better check the review first. Bukan nak promote, tapi just check it out.

  14. Ok brother…nanti bila my clubs bagi I problem will get one set from you.. delivery berapa lama bang..

  15. Hehe thanks for the support. Em its depend on shipment. Selalunya seminggu dah sampai. Kalu ada masalah pun paling lewat 2 minggu jer. Memang tak macam beli kat kedai, cepat. Harga murah sebab kita beli harga semasa US. Macam yang saya cerita. Tapi kalu barang 2 ada stock kat saya, 2 hari dah sampai. GDex express mantap hehe…so far laa…selalunya hantar ari nie, besoknye customer saya dah dapat. Ok kalu ada apa2 just email saya k. Insyaallah kalu dapat tolong saya tolong. Anyway thanks and happy golfing….

  16. but i’m thinking that golf is an expensive game. it’s bcz to play golf we need to pay a lots of fees and it’s quite business game. like me, as a student i didn’t get down to course once in a month. how can i improve my game? i’m student @ ukm alt ukm got golf facilities but they are making money with it and not helping their student who wanted to develop their skills. urm.. how malaysian can produce a great golfers if they didn’t give full supports to the youngster. and also i wanted to say to rmc since i’m 0306 intakes, since i’m student there, why rmc didn’t have any class to develop golfers which i think they don’t have any money problem and also the student are quite fit and intellectual.
    Happy golfing

  17. Em thanks buddy for the comment…this one was the ‘real comment’ hehe…em actually this game is not so expensive, but of coz la it was not that cheap also hehe…but ada some tempat yang murah. Like my Golf Club at Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara Kuantan. Now we were offering only RM1000 for life membership and only RM33 per month (maintenance fee) and you can play everyday unlimited. And also my club got affiliate about 20++ Golf Club in Malaysia…I`m the Treasurer (Bendahari) of KRTU so if you interested you can contact me in person. Ehh terpromosi pulak hehe…sorry.
    Wah Ex-Boy aka OP…good and happy to meet you online. During my time 1995, there were Golf Class running by RMC itself. But i don`t know much bout that, biasa la anak orang miskin, mana tau pasal golf masa tue hehe…em yelah, RMC suppose to continue the Golf Class. Maybe they got lack of Golf Guru now days. Somehow i will try to propose it back.
    Anyway memang ada betul jugak you cakap, Golf Malaysia nie masih jauh ketinggalan. Nak cari yang betul2 terer pun berapa kerat jer. Yang claim terer tapi actually tak terer ramai la hehe…Em i invite you to join our Malaysia Golf Community and post this same sort email to them, we see what will be their respond. Thanks and Happy Golfing

  18. hye everybody!
    me again..
    i wanna ask sumthin which is my college wanna raise a fund for our thoughts beyond cultures programs.
    so i suggest that we can do golf amal to raise some fund.
    So, how to produce a best golf ‘amal’?

  19. Hai Caiz,
    Glad to see you in. Anyway it was a good idea. Not many college student thinking bout having golf as the ‘amal’ program. Em i thinks you better join this community and ask the community members about that.


    Both were good golfing community. They are nice and really helpful. Where is your college anyway?

  20. I’m also KRTU members(sivilian) Subang.R you staying in Kuantan or Lembah Klang?Coz you offer is very demanding.Cant resist.

  21. Hai En Ishak, thanks for the comment. i`m staying in Kuantan and part of KRTU Kuantan member’s. If you like anything just info, i will ship to your add. Item in Malaysia, today i ship out then tomorrow you will get. Insyaallah. I prefer good serv from GDex. I just start the business and still upgrading my stall. I will slowly add extra item in my stall. Thanks and Happy Golfing.

  22. just promote your stall to my friends this morning, and see how it goes.Hope you’ll succeed.Hope we can t off togather in future.

  23. Thank you very much…really appreciate it, semoga rezeki encik pun bertambah2. Amin. Definitely!, turun Kuantan just give me a call, mana tau free, insyaallah, boleh kita tee of sekali. Special rate for you in my Club. Thanks a lot En Ishak.

  24. salam budakboy…..
    set 2 masih ada stok x…..baru cuba2 nak belajar main…hehehe….

  25. Saya ni umur baru 54, tapi i punya set Callayway iron bukan graphite, orang kata umur baru macam saya ni elok pakai graphite. Ye ke ?

  26. Salam en Shah, em kalau ikut kan begitulah, actually it`s depend on masing2. Kalau encik rasa masih boleh carry with the steel, go ahead, no problem. Tapi…em pada pandangan peribadi saya, elok juga kalau encik tukar since good for health.

    Kebaikan graphite:
    1. Tidak perlu pukul kuat2 untuk mendapat distance. Cuma accuracy kurang sikit.
    2. Kurang gegaran. Terlalu banyak gegaran membahayakan kesihatan. Long term effect.
    3. Ringan.

    Actually steel is still the best for improvement and khas untuk orng2 muda dan bertenaga (saya tak kata org berumur tak bertenaga yer hehe). But its depend on us jugak. Kita nak main atas tujuan apa? untuk beriadah or ingin berusaha menjadi pro.

    Harap encik paham penerangan ringkas saya hehe…kalau ada apa2 just info yer…thanks bang. Happy golfing.

  27. Saya ada pergi Pro Shop kat NS. Dia offer driver berjenama RM 690.00 dia kata offer. Tapi saya tengok kat shaft nya tertulis assemble in China, adakah ini made in China, really assemble in China atau authorise betul betul, Ni yang takut nak beli ni,,,,,. Tlg bagi tips sikit,

  28. Salam bang, thanks for the question. Em boleh tau Driver tue jenama apa? Ok actually susah sikit nak bezakan yang mana original dan yang tak. Sekarang nie pun, banyak branded company like Taylormade dah kasi lesen kat kilang di China untuk produce barang2 dorang. Walaupun bergitu tetap masih ada juga yang ciplak, tak original. Jadi kita kena berhati2 since susah nak bezakan. Saya pun pernah terkena.

    Ok sebagai panduan, abang boleh tengok betul2 finishing dan material driver tue. Kalau ori, dia mesti nampak firm. Takder lebihan2 besi or plastik. Lagi satu, kalau dia claim driver tue Titanium, abg cuba letak magnet. Kalau melekat bermakna itu besi bukan titanium hehe…em yang lain2 abang boleh try survey dalam net mengenai perbezaan dia. Sekarang nie number siri pun boleh dibuat hehe…

    Abang nak cari driver yang macam mana?

  29. Salam, abang nak cari driver yang ringan, titanium la kan,,off couse ada distance laa, saya pernah cuba kawan punya driver, tilterlist , ringan , 44 in. abang rasa ok , dia kata harga RM 800.00 , dia kata kedai kawan, ingat nak sebat rasanya. Dulu abang pakai Big Bertha Ok, Sekarang ni abang Maruman kawan beri, pun ok, tapi dah outdated compare dengan member semua kepada dah canggih, walaupun abang main sosial je, tapi penting juga kita tengok set hati dah syok, baru syok mainkan, he, he

  30. Hehe ok la tue, kalau ringan2 dan price ok, abang cuba cari Nike Sumo…harga pun dah murah, dalam RM590 jer baru. Branded pulak tue hehe…

  31. Salam, terima kasih lah bagi nasihat kat abang dan semualah, sekarang dah bulan Dec. kalau tunggu Jan atau Feb 2010 tentu banyak model baru keluarkan, yang model lama makin murahlahkan, abang tunggu lah sebulan lagi, he he

  32. Hehe sorry bang tak perasan comment nie…no problem…saya sedia membantu…selamat bergolof…

  33. Dalam Mudah ada iklan Driver Nike Sumo 5000 harganya 250.00RM. Ori ke ,,,

  34. En Shah, maaf sangat, driver tu dah sold out. Maaf sangat. Anyway thanks for the interest.

  35. Driver apa lagi yang ada, yang ringan dan murah, dan ori,

  36. salam….

    saya sekarang pakai driver R5. so far sedap dan distance ok. sekali-sekala slice tu adat la. pada pendapat u ada apa2 perbezaan ke antara r5 dgn r9? tengah duk target r9 ni.

    untuk iron saya pakai king cobra 3100. so far ok la. tak ada masalah. tapi teringin la nak tukar ke wilson di7 atau king cobra s9 (susah nak dapat).

    saya anatara beginner to intermidiate. tolong beri pandangan. terima kasih


  37. Salam en Zaki…terima kasih sudi bertanya. Actually pada pandangan saya, dua2 driver nie takder perbezaan yang terlampau ketara kecuali design and clubhead r9 yang boleh berubah2 (adjustable)…cuma maybe r9 clubhead dia berat sikit dari r5. ‘r’ punya version berbanding burner pulak is burner nie ringan sikit. Kalau nak ikut performance actually saya tak boleh koment memandangkan ianya various kepada si pemakai. Kadang2 dia sesuai dengan org lain, tapi tidak semestinya sesuai dengan kita and vise versa. Ada yang suka yang berat, ada pulak yang ringan. But don`t forget the shaft. Shaft nie pun actually ada peranan penting untuk sesuatu driver…shaft nie ibarat injin. And kadang2 shaft yang baik bernilai lebih dari 2k. So itu pun memainkan peranan untuk pemilihan driver.

    Anyway, for my sugestion, better en Zaki try dulu kawan2 punya kat driving range and tengok performance dia. Sekali dua kadang2 tak berapa nampak…biasa la, bila dah minat kita pukul teruk pun perasan ok hehe…cuba 2 3 kali…then check shaft,samaada sesuai regular or stift. Then baru beli…

    Kalau Di7 so far performance memang bagus…distance and accuracy ok. Di7 nie pakai fatshaft. Kurang sikit tendency untuk twist. Cobra s9 pun bagus jugak, ada kawan saya nak tolak, regular graphite shaft. Condition 8/10. Masih cantik. RM1200 termasuk shipment. Kalau encik Zaki berminat besok saya tanyakan and dapatkan gambar.

    Harap2 jawapan saya menjawap persoalan encik Zaki. Kalau ada apa2 persoalan saya sedia membantu, InsyaAllah. =)

  38. hai boss/// tolong carikan fairwaywood cleveland Hibore XLS – wood 3 // dengan kadar segera/// tq

  39. Mr Perry, thanks for the support. But time being i`m very busy with my primary job. I just sell what i have with me. Anyway i will try my best to help and will info letter…thanks

  40. Salam En. Budakboy…
    Need ur help n advise…am looking for a new or used sets..complete sets…irons, driver, wood, putter and bag…mana saya boleh dapat pada harga below RM1000…jenama tak kisah…

  41. Salam en Hasimi, thanks for the question…ok, i also selling good complete set. you can visit my another website at Kalau ada apa2 masalah just info yer, insyaAllah saya cuba membantu sebaik mungkin. Thanks and happy golfing

  42. salam En baru lagi dlm golf ni about 4 nak beli club dan budget 1300 utk steel shaft..brand apa yang en recommend kan..

  43. salam masih baru dlam sukan golf ni.dlm 4 bulan.. sy baru nak beli golf set .budget 1500 dan kebawah ..ape brand yang bro bole recommend kan

  44. Salam en Nazarul, first and foremost saya nak ucapkan welcome the world of GOLF =). For beginners kita ada beberapa pilihan. Encik Nazarul boleh lawati my new website untuk tengok golf set-golf set tersebut.

    InsyaAllah harga boleh dirunding lagi. Tak perlu sampai RM1300 pun untuk miliki New Beginners Golf Set. Boleh dapatkan no hset en Nazarul, insyaAllah besok sya call yer. Thanks and happy Golfing =). Ada masa boleh kita berentap sekali =)

  45. Budakboy, kalau ex-boy beli benda ada special discount ke? Tengok email address saya pun dah tahu I ex-boy, siap dengan nombor berserta company. Hehehe….super duper senior beli barang lagi murah kot…..


  46. Hehe ada tuan, mesti ada hehe…untuk barang2 lain tuan boleh refer our website. Harga exBoy mesti la boleh NEGO hehe…

  47. Salam,
    Saya masih baru dalam golf ni (6mth +++) and now looking for a forgiving driver. Boleh rekomen ke

  48. Salam en Fandi, encik boleh tgk listing driver kat web saya; Ada baru yang masuk, inysaAllah malam nanti saya masukan produk terbaru. Welcome to the world of golf tuan =)

  49. Salam kawan2 rakan sahabat golofer sekalian, tiba2 terasa nak belek2 balik blog awal penglibatan dalam business golf online nie. Teringat balik way back in 2007. Blog nie banyak berjasa. Mentang2lah dah ada yang baru; dan, saya dah jadi kacang kejap. So mulai harinie saya nak amik keputusan update balik blog kesayangan nie =).

    Harap kita semua masih berkawan =)

  50. permainan golf yg terbaik 😛 lawa gak blog nie erk…:P

  51. Alamak, dah takleh update sebab wordpress cakap sekarang dah tak boleh guna wp untuk berniaga kecuali kasi some share kepada dorang…emm…nampaknya ia bakal menjadi sejarah =(

  52. Sy nk beli travel bag..urgent

  53. Sy nak beli travel bag..urgent 0179223164

  54. Salam bro. Brand ape sebenarnya yang bro jual ni? Pastu arge macam mane? Sorry saya baru nak berjinak2 dengan game ni.. Tengah mencari2 set yang sesuai.. Tq

  55. Salam en Haniff, sebenarnya saya dah focus dengan set-set:

    Set yang baik dengan harga yang berpatutan =)

  56. Maaf tuan, saya takder stock travel bag. Maaf sangat2 tuan.

  57. kalo saye yg nk jual kat awk bole x?


  58. saya suka blog ini kerena memudahkan pengemar sukan golf dapat belbagai maklumat yg berguna.penggemar golf juga dapat membeli keperluan golf dgn harga murah berbanding d luar sana memandangkan peralatan ini adalah mahal.saya harap saudara dapat menghantar email kepada saya berkaitan peralatan golf dan harga dr masa ke semasa.terimah kasih.

  59. as salam nak tny leh dapat tak set nike covert… igt nak bg hadiah utk en suami nnt…

  60. saya ada menjual set golf 2nd hand harga murah..nego till letgo.. 0103873146

  61. nk kl ada tak kedai yg boleh swap golf set..

  62. Salam en Azidin, maaf tak perasan pertanyaan tuan. Tuan boleh cuba ke Tokyo Golf dekat TESCO Ampang (Sebelah).

  63. Saya nak beli set iron atau comp set golf utk perempuan bagi beginner
    Boleh saya tahu dari segi
    1. Harga
    2. Cara penghantaran… Kalau boleh Cod

    Saya tinggal di sempadan nilai

  64. Salam tuan, maaf buat masa sekarang kita tidak ada set untuk wanita. Maaf ya tuan =(

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