Taylor Made Burner Draw 10.5 degree driver1


Lelong! Lelong!

Draw burner, tak perlu lah terangkan lebih2 kan. Everybody know bout it. Its Taylor Made Burner man! hehe. Termasuk Head Cover.


Harga asal BOGS RM 750.

“Harga Limited Time Promotion RM 400 Sahaja”

Shipping is RM 100 so total up RM 500 sahaja.

Terus ke depan pintu rumah anda!!!

HARGA pasaran RM 1690.

Limited stock.


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2 Responses

  1. Is this a Asia Spec? what’sthe degree? It’s a brand new or used? Im staying at Seri Petaling, can deliver by hand? TQ

  2. Em this is US Spec since i`m ordering from US. This driver is brand new and i can deliver anywhere in Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak now. I`m using GDex express. But curently this club out of stock. i`m waiting for the new stock. Sory for that. Anyway thanks for asking. Happy Golfing

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