Latest Design – NICKENT 4DX CB 5-PW (6 irons) (R) – Demo Set




Large cavity back and a thinner top line make it the perfect game improvement iron. Large perimeter-weighted head features a design that positions the center of gravity away from the face for increased stability. Discretionary weight was moved into the plugs from the face, creating a high C.O.R. to promote faster ball speed and more power.


Available in KUANTAN. Allow 2 working days delivery time.

-HARGA BOGS RM 2400 RM 999 Sahaja

(Shipping and Insurance Cover included)

-Harga pasaran Malaysia RM 2400…

Limited stock!


28 Responses

  1. brapa harga paling murah bg driver 10.5 yg baru dan second hand. kos pghantaran ke sabah

  2. Em ok, boleh encik kasi brapa budget n brand apa? Nanti boleh saya tolong carikan. Yang penting budget brapa. Thanks…

  3. set nickent ni nampak macam menarik tapi saya lihat kat malaysia jarang orang pakai.. lagipun set ni tak disertakan sekali dengan SW. antara set ni dengan set TM r7 draw mana yang lebih bagus? TQ

  4. cik syah, sya yg sms mlm semlm.. setelah memikir masak2 sya dengan tanpa syak wasangka lagi memilih set nickent ni berbanding R7. so yg cik syah dah order tu nanti dah sampai jual kat sya jelah yea..hehehe..

  5. lupa lak nak tanya tadi.. kalo kat malaysia set ni berape harganya?..

  6. hehe no problem, kalu encik helmy nak lagi cepat saya boleh order “direct from US to your front door” hehe…just let me know k. Untuk driver and putter saya tgh survey lg. Kalu ada saya info yer. For the moment ada satu used set putter “odessey hot to ball” macam yang saya display kat depan. Just in case berminat jugak. Thanks…

  7. Kat Malaysia last survey saya buat adalah RM 2300. Thanks…

  8. NICKENT 4DX CB #3&4 HYB–5-PW (8 irons) REGULAR FLEX
    still available???
    my phone no is 0122900288 dave

  9. akum..saya ni baru je belaja main golf. set golf nickent ni sesuai ke untuk beginner. nickent ni boleh kurang lagi ke harge dia. boleh dapat bag sekali ke..

  10. I need to know if there is a possibility to buy SW together in your set as offered for Nickent 4DX model?

  11. Dear Dave, the set is still available. If you interested and confirm that you want to buy just SMS me k. Thanks…

    The proedure is still the same, transfer money to my Maybnk acc, i put and order then paling lama 2 weeks set akan sampai. Selalunya 9 hari dah sampai. But terpulang pada bila kita order. Kalau hari minggu, stall cuti and kat US one day behind us. So kena betul2 plan. Yang paling elok order hari selasa sebab kat sana baru isnin. Thanks.

  12. Yup! nickent 4DX memang sesuai untuk beginner to intermediate player. Boleh cuba di kedai2 proshop berdekatan. Cuba disana dan beli disini hehe…harga buleh dirunding, RM 1500 termasuk penghantaran. Boleh dirunding lagi tue hehe…thanks.

  13. Dear Barry,
    I`m so sorry for that. This set is not include with SW. You can get the SW separately at any proshop nearby. For the 4DX CB they don`t have SW. So sorry for that. Anyway thanks for asking.

  14. juz check MST sale….price for 4DX CB for steel is RM 2240 + free driver 4DX draw…ur offer much more better

  15. Thank for your info mate. Appreciate your anticipation. Give me sometime to consider it first. Is there any place you can recommend for me to try the clubs?

  16. I’m a collector of different magnetic ball markers as a hobby though and wonder if your friend in US might have some interesting and cheap designs to offer? Not an urgent request but just to let you know.
    TKS mate!

  17. Thanks en Fir…

  18. Mr Barryt, thanks for the interest. Em may i know where are you from?

  19. syah, RM1400 tu including shipping & insurance from state and also to our doorstep ke? ambik sendiri kat krtu camana pulak price? i still searching for replacement club yang i hilang ari tu!!!! btw

  20. btw, yang wilson Di7 tu berapa boss u punya firm price?

  21. Well, it’s pretty hard for me to say where I’m actually from as my job takes me everywhere I need to go that include overseas as well. Just to simplified, my hometown is in Penang, golfing every weekend in Taiping, weekdays in KL. How’s that sound?? I guess it is dificult for me to state only one place, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for asking…..

  22. Thanks for asking, em actually yang Di7 tue dah ada orang booking, untuk nickent 4DX yang stock kat Malaysia dah dibeli. Saya dah order satu lagi set 4DX dan yang ini pun dah ada orang booking. Tapi kalau encik betul2 beminat kita kena order lagi. Harga RM 1400 termasuk shipping ke alamat encik. Terima kasih.

  23. Mr Barryt, thanks for the info. Wah so active aa hehe…same goes like my friend la, cannot `duduk diam` hehe…kejap sana kejap sini. Dia selalu turun main kat Jakarta. I also donno the place. But he said Indon is good for us the golfer. Good in what i not so sure la hehehe…anyway may i know your full name? Em bout the magnetic clip, i`m so sorry coz we not focusing on small2 item. The shipping alone is more expensive then the actual price hehe…sorry for that. Anyway glad to know you. Happy golfing.

  24. With regards to ball markers, no problem, I can understand the incovenience and cost. Memang I nie suka lari sini dan sana, itu pun sebab kito nie kuat lagi. Jangan sampai tok boleh jalan baru nak pi Indon. You can address me as Barry will do. Tks and regards. Happy Trading.

  25. Dear Boy,

    Say yr price is only at 999 in yr advertisement. Can I get the 4DX CB at said price if i collect it myself in Kuantan? I’ve tried a few swings at MST Parkson and I like the feel. Feel like putting in the order.

  26. So far the set already sold out. But i`ts ok, i will try to ask them if they still got new offer. Em for more latest product that still available you can visit my new website. Sory this blog saya tak sempat nak maintain. Biasa la kan dapat bini baru hehe…

  27. Salam…boleh dptkan harga RM999 utk nickent 4dx graphite? Mcmana nak order? Berapa hari sampai?

  28. Salam en Zulkarnain, for the time being, saya takder stock untuk set nie. Yang ada tinggal Cobra S9 (RM1200) termasuk shipment dan FREE exclusive cap, NIke Pro Blade (RM1150), Mizuno MP60(1200), Callaway X18R dan beberapa lagi. En Zulkarnain boleh lawati Thanks and happy golfing. Ada masalah en Zul info yer. I`m happy to assist.

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