Low-profile clubheads designed for high-profile shots

CARLSBAD, CA (March 16, 2009) – Cobra Golf unveils technologically advanced tools for game improvement in the new 2009 King Cobra SZ Irons, or “Sweet Zone” Irons. The irons’ low-and-wide design is defined by key components: Their sleek, low-profile clubhead design and shortened hosel result in a low-and-back Center of Gravity (CG), while a wide sole and heel-toe weighting system helps achieve maximum Moment of Inertia (MOI). These attributes create forgiving irons that help golfers launch the ball higher and achieve pinpoint accuracy on their shots.

“The SZ iron offers patented technology and winning performance at an affordable price,” said Brian Zender, General Manager for Cobra Golf. “The SZ is an award winner prior to our March launch and has impressed test panels with golfers of various abilities for its high trajectory, forgiveness, distance and feel.”

The irons feature a best-of-all-worlds approach, when it comes to design features.

“The SZ is designed from the ground up to deliver maximum forgiveness, consistency, and feel,” said Tom Preece, Vice President of Cobra Club Research and Development. “The wide sole, low profile, offset clubhead design creates a low-back CG location for high, draw-bias trajectory. The heel-toe perimeter weighting increases inertia for maximum clubhead stability on off-center hits. Plus the SZ features a unique patent-pending sole design which keeps the clubhead centered and stable both at address and through contact. The SZ performance design is coupled with a urethane insert, layered across the back side of the entire face, which dampens unwanted vibration and gives great feel.”




(Item available in USA. Contact me for more info) Limited stock…no jokes hehe…

4 Responses

  1. Harga leh kurang lagi kan? leh pakai credit card x? saya dah cuba set ni, so rasa macam berminat

  2. Salam en Golf Mania…set nie masih available. Ada satu set lagi. Memang mendapat sambutan set SZ nie. Kalau en Golf Mania berminat then boleh saya bookingkan secepat mungkin. Boleh pakai credit card, boleh bayar menggunakan Paypal (safe and secure). Harga saya boleh kurang lagi, insyaAllah. My customer satisfaction is my motto. Kalau turun Kuantan, ada masa boleh kita berentap sekali InsyaAllah hehe. Thanks and Happy golfing.

  3. hi pro. nak tanya set cobra ni ada lagi tak. shaft nya ialah steel atau graphite. harga paling lowest berapa?

  4. Salam En Zaki…maaf lambat reply…yes this set still available. Set Iron 4-PW sahaja (Steel and Regular). Harga masih boleh runding. Boleh kasi your contact number? senang nak berurusan. Saya for the time being mlm jer sempat online. sibuk sikit. But InsyaAllah i will try to provide with the best service. Thanks

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