The Nike Slingshot HL (High Launch) Mixed iron sees Nike bring together hybrids and irons as well as continuing on the path of technological development to optimize performance with the modification of four key areas of club head. The #3, #4 and #5 hybrid clubs feature a low, deep profile with weight strategically positioned low and back in the club head to make it easier to get the ball in the air whilst the keel sole design increases playability from all areas of the course. The Slingshot HL hybrids also feature an increased offset position, to make it easier for golfers to square the hybrid at impact, resulting in straighter shots. In the irons (6-PW) the Nike designers have introduced a variable sole width, progressive offset and elongated the club profile to ensure that the Nike Slingshot HL irons are easiest to hit and most forgiving club on the market.



(Item available in USA. Contact me for more info)

Limited stock…no jokes hehe…

2 Responses

  1. Ttttabbbbiikkkkk Skottt,
    dah naik kepten dengaq…. tahniah… mai singgah kedai, aku blanja stik atas promotion Skott

  2. Adooo sapa kasi story nie hehe…em tak tau lagi bos…kalau ada rezeki ada laa…kalau takder nak buek camnoo hehe…anyway thanks bos…lama jugak tak dongar berito yer…insyaAllah dah free nanti boleh singgah kodai and tee off sekali…dah lama jugak tak menggolof nie bos…dah lupo dah yang mana satu putter n yang mana satu driver hehe…

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